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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  November 29, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PST

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> well, hello current tv land. why look who is here. karl frisch. look what i brought you jackie. it's an early holiday gift. >> i haven't seen you since i lived in dc. >> i live in dc. >> that's how we met. >> he talks about how dc is
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bereft. all i have to say is neener, we have your jacki. jacki schechner in the newsroom. what are you doing for lunch today? well at 12:30 eastern time the president will sit down with mitt romney. there will be no press in attendance. he's meeting with the 12 nobel prize winners at 12:15 but then a post election niceties. there is no agenda. the white house spokesman said the president would wouldn't mind talking to mitt romney about ways to make the government more efficient. the president is will be meeting with paul tonko in the fiscal cliff negotiations. the man who had a tattoo on his
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face for the election removed. the r now stands for the man who was running for election but also the man who is a sore loser. it's been four years since hillary clinton ran for president, but she's still carrying $70,000 in campaign debt. secretary of state mrs. clinton is not allowed to do any campaigning for herself so it is up to her husband bill to try to get that number down when she ran for president back in 2008, she ended up racking up $25 million. again that number is to about $73,000 about four years later. you can join us on chat which is
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always fun to do. go to miller and we'll be back with more show after the break.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." >> what a week we're having, really? nothing is worse in radio when somebody steals your ahead phones. now i'm using your ear phones
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and god knows what been in your ears. >> now wearing ear phones with big chunks of metal up against my here's. >> stephanie: all right, we're having a week. 1-800-steph-12 toll-free from anywhere. fortunately, we have a pre-holiday street. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: karl. >> stephanie: karl frisch from bullfight strategies. what are you doing here? >> i'm here in town for the victory fund for the annual lgbt leadership, so i'm in town for that. i have not been in studio since you started in current so i wanted to plant a flag. >> stephanie: yes, so festive. we haven't seen you since the big--well, the big victory parties. we're all having big victory parties. >> there is nothing bad that happens on election day.
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>> stephanie: let's review. >> it's the only thing if you're mitt romney, i actually was laughing my tail off watching the republicans castigate romney. it's kind of like blaming a chamaeleon for being green for its surroundings. >> stephanie: we'll get to this. but his adviser bragged about losing the poor and minority voters to obama. he said it was basically the victory for romney because he won the right kind of voters. >> when they say mitt romney shouldn't say that stuff they do believe it. they just think it's embarrassing. >> stephanie: all the wrong people voted for president obama. >> we'll say it a little bit. >> stephanie: andy barowitz tweets that mitt romney will speak to a black person for the
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first time since the debates. [applause] >> john kerry is ready to go. john kerry john kerry john kerry. >> stephanie: are they on staff of scott brown for senate? what, really, they are not too obvious? we have all have an idea. >> we're all wearing pink leather shorts. >> stephanie: funny that. >> and i like the new white house hash tag, it's my 2 k a typical middle class family of form will see taxes rice $2,200 if congress does not act and now we're seeing caving on republicans. >> they're launching their own hash tag for twitter, it's "my two sticks" and you can rub them together if you're cold in the winter. [ magic juan music ] wand music ]
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>> so the first cracks on the republican stance on higher tax rates. john boner may make it in time for christmas. we'll see. do you remember when i asked for that so i could go like this, and you would play that. ♪ grandma got run over ♪ by john boehner ♪ lost her medicare ♪ on christmas eve ♪ she don't deserve ♪ no healthcare ♪ nor medicaid ♪ or social security ♪ he'd been drinking ♪ too much eggnog ♪ and we begged him not ♪ to go ♪ then he put on too much ♪ bronzer ♪ and he staggered out ♪ the tavern ♪ through the snow ♪ when we found grandma ♪ that morning
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♪ality the ♪ at the base ♪ of the fiscal cliff ♪ she had orange marks ♪ on her forehead ♪ and cheet-to ♪ flavored tears ♪ on her lips ♪ grandma was ♪ ran over ♪ by john boehner ♪ on christmas eve ♪ my poor grande ♪ >> stephanie: rocky mountain mike. >> i think he gives boehner too much credit. i think the elves are in charge at santa's workshop. >> stephanie: do you see how this will play out this time? >> i can't believe we're watching this as something different is going to play out. john boehner will make a commitment to the president that he can't keep. he'll go back to his caucus and they won't want to do it and then he'll have to break his
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word to the president again. >> tom cole. >> sound byte: in my view we all agree we're not going to raise taxes on people who are making less than $250,000. we should take them out of the discussion right now. >> we should definitely take them out of the discussion that no one is having. it was the president who said, oh five, eight years now no tax increase on people making money over $250,000--under. >> stephanie: boner is standing for tax rates for those that go over. they think that's their main bargaining chip. he said some republicans on the hill operating tax cuts for the highest earners for everyone else. cole believes the reverse is true. i think we have the winning argument--no. many believe raising taxes is
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costing jobs. they don't get what the elections said. >> most people voteed for the president of the united states. >> by a large margin. >> stephanie: except the moral victory by romney. >> we've been giving $5 and $10 all this time to get a chance to have meal with barack obama and who would think that mitt romney would win. >> stephanie: how did mittens win. he's always stacked for the top 1%. >> this is milk toast summit. >> stephanie: if jay-z and beyonce is there i'm going to be mad. >> stephanie: this is the star of the morning. the first crack developing among the republicans over whether to accept a deal with the president with allowing the top 2% tax
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rates to expire. a loyalist and confidant of john boehner. >> who called it the "so-called 2%," not 2%. nothing in math is so-called. >> there you go again with liberal numbers. >> stephanie: the house republicans reportedly conservative representative labrador you he, he always served with senator sharpei. no he's from idaho representative labrador. >> oh, okay. >> stephanie: he said he's opposes cole's idea and the majority also opposes. it's hard to know if that means anything. >> what is happening is very simple. you have a cluster of house republicans who will come out and say that their party should compromise. the only people who are going to do that are people who are worried about re-election in
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in 2014. and it's a small enough number of people that the volume will not get us a compromise, but it will save their tails for re-election. >> stephanie: right, right. the president talking about this whole situation. >> obama: if congress does nothing every family in member will see their taxes automatically go up at the beginning of next year. >> stephanie: so what is your guess? >> you say that like it's a bad thing. >> stephanie: what is your guess on how this is going to play out and when. >> i think republicans are going to blink. i think they have to. but i was talking to the other somebody the other day and they said do you think the president should be campaigning around the country? it's about time. he should be out there on the stump just like the campaign, and that's when he's at his best, and that's when the republicans are on the ropes. >> stephanie: it's a different reality now. despite what they have to say they always have something to to
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say that is the same thing. are you okay? you're giving me that look. >> i got a late start on the stream because i was running around looking for headphones. >> stephanie: here is the president again. >> obama: again i'm asking congress to listen to people who sent us here to serve. i'm asking americans all across the country to make your voice heard. tell members of congress what a tax hike would mean to you. call your members of congress, write them, e-mail, post it on their facebook walls. you can tweet it using the hash tag "my 2 k." not "y 2 k." >> great, mitch mcconnell is watching his vcr to make sure that it doesn't explode. >> stephanie: why can't i get it to stop flashing the time. >> i don't understand--i tried
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putting lettuce in there. it seemed to do the trick. >> stephanie: oh, karl, what is your take on what nancy pelosi said yesterday. you know it will make our friends on the liberal side crazy. she said the starting point should be the framework discussed by the president and boner back in 2011 at which time the democrats were willing to consider some things to do with social security and medicare curbing the inflation adjustment and lifting eligibility age for medicare. some democrats say that should be off the table. >> i think it should be off the table, but i think there are ways to bring republicans to the table. and it's by being out there aggressively articulating what happened in the election and what the consequences are. karl rove said elections have consequences. republicans never seem to get
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consequences from the elections. they have a partyelections. >> stephanie: the americans voted. >> and they said we have made a decision and raise taxes. you know people didn't like george bush but they believed him when they said he was going to do something, and he got reelected. >> cenk: sadly. >> yes he did mean it. i i will private advertise social security. no you won't but we believe it's a good idea. off to a roll licking start with karl frisch. karl frisch are on gotomeeting 24/7, aren't we? >> we are. >> stephanie: that's how we stay connected because i can never see your beautiful shiny face. >> i use powder. >> stephanie: it's clear i'm not used to seeing him except in hd.
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look at him. if your tam is team is spread out in all different locations, like we are use gotomeeting. i'm telling you, i was actually--you know what, if you think i just do this on air, i was doing with this friend like i was doing a commercial for gotomeeting because she's using some other thing that doesn't work with the marbling on the video and the audio dropping out. gotomeeting, you can try it free. >> for how many days. >> stephanie: well, thanks for asking chris. you can try gotomeeting for 30 days. once you try it you will never go back to inferior services. click on the try it free and put in the promo code stephanie.
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>> what is the promo code. >> stephanie: thank you, chris it is promo code stephanie. 19 minutes after the hour. back with karl frisch live in the studio on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: i got her number on the men's room stall. 1-800-steph-12. that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> i can't i can't i can't
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too early in the morning semi can't follow. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. karl frisch from bullfight strategies live in studio. >> when i dip you dip we dip. >> stephanie: what is that picture. >> it's the lazy up smurf. when i do stephanie's show, perhaps at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. >> stephanie: are we talking naked? >> no, no. i'm usually in my lazy smurf shirt. so it's different to get up at basically an hour after going to bed. >> stephanie: yes, welcome to our world. >> you tweeted four hours ago that you're going to be here on the show. i thought you're up really late or up really early. >> i was up really late. >> stephanie: he said he's leave
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leaving the rave. >> it was a rave, the 90s were fun. >> stephanie: why not. and it's back. >> oh, boy. [ world news music ] >> stephanie: it becomes more and more an alternate reality our world and right wing world. bragging about losing poor minority voters. they need to stop talking about why they lost. >> i would be down for that. >> stephanie: yeah, yeah. mitt romney can take solace in his devastating loss because he won the voters who really count according to the thesis of his top adviser stewart stevens. >> that's the guy who put clint eastwood up there. >> stephanie: despite that idea, he lost. >> and he'll never work in republican politics ever again. >> stephanie: he wrote arguing winning wealthier and whiter voters romney secured the moral
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victory over obama. how can i take what romney said and make it even more-- >> we made the white decisions--the right decisions. >> stephanie: that's even doucher. he said on november 6th romney carried the majority of every economic group except less than $50,000, income, that means he carried the majority. the republican party has problems but a we go forward let's remember any party that captures the majority of the middle class must be doing something right republican ideals, mitt romney carried the day. >> in other words, eat the poor. >> stephanie: and spread them into mulch. >> at what point do they not go in a padded room. we won all the electoral votes from the state of delusion. >> stephanie: i love the
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analysis. implied argument that poorer votessers are inferior, further they write unfortunately for romney, poor minority votes are the same as the votes-- >> yes our election system is made up that way. >> my understanding was there was a poll tax sometime. >> stephanie: i was only told there was opposite progression. i wasn't told that they were going to be able to vote. gene in illinois, you're on with karl. >> caller: good morning, testify any. first-time caller. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: guys are talking about entitlement reform, and there should be some entitlement reform but they should start with congressmen and senators retirement in medical benefits that they get before they pick
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on the poor people. >> why pick on the congressmen. they get vested after four years in office. other workers work a lifetime to build up a pension. >> stephanie: yes, let's run it like hostess. let's suck the union pension dry, give it to the ceo and then blame it on the unions. >> if you're a politician who is large and in charge or whatever, then it works well for you. >> stephanie: yes, exactly. >> i think we would get pretty good results from government at that point. >> stephanie: that seems to be their tag line, screw you. that's more succinct, screw you. we're back with the right-wing world with karl frisch on "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> sound byte: bad hair, weird knownose. her face made me want to learn how to box. man there is a lot of love in this room. >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show"," welcome to it. karl frisch from bullfight strategies is with us. what a delight. 1-800-steph-12 toll-free from anywhere. let's go to rhonda in texas really quick. hello rhonda. >> caller: good morning, i would love to be there with you.
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>> stephanie: me too. >> caller: i just want to make a point that i haven't seen or heard much about during the debates paul ryan said that 97% and 98% of employers are small businesses. that would make small business owners who are more likely middle class the actual job creators, not the top percentage that claims they are. >> stephanie: wait, now wait a minute. go back, i'm sorry? >> caller: if 97% and 98% of all employers in the country are small businesses. >> stephanie: then the top 2% are job creators. >> they are job creators, but they don't create nearly any jobs. >> the two 2% are money hoarders. that should be a new reality show. there's that middle income
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family job right on top of a cat. >> stephanie: and they use job creator business loose. let's dive into the right-wing world. charles k routhammer. >> sound byte: obama understand this. he's not trying to fix our fiscal issues and problems, he's trying to destroy the republicans by insisting there is a split among the republicans on this issue that has held them together the same way he destroyed senior bush sr. when he went back on the pledge he made. this is an attack on the republicans. there is no evidence that he is interested in the real fiscal issue because he would have to talk about spending entitlements, and he isn't. >> no evidence? >> stephanie: yes, he is. >> that's like republicans saying there is no evidence for climate change and all you have to do is look at his face as
6:36 am
it's melting right off his skull. >> stephanie: like "raiders of lost ark." >> why would grover norquist be out there saying they better stay in line if there were no emerging split. >> stephanie: thank you. he's on tv almost every day with a different lie. >> and you know he doesn't belong on television. >> he's badder. >> please. >> stephanie: fox news. >> sound byte: the united states still is the idea of equality of opportunity, not the equality of outcome. what you have is a mod raid democratic party which is not your father's democratic party. you now have a democratic party so far to the left that they believe in fundamentally anti-american concepts of radical wealth redistribution in order to equalize everyone. that's not what america is about. >> that's not what they're about. you just made that up. >> you pulled that out of that shapely ass. >> stephanie: wow, that was a
6:37 am
moment. >> wealth distribution is how she got her job. if fox did not redistrict their wealth into her pocket, i would see her on barham. >> stephanie: people who are not from la are so cute. >> he is from la. >> i'm from the other side. >> stephanie: you're so 310 snobby. i'm not a 818-er. >> we just loft everyone. >> stephanie: we lost everyone in the valley. you know, i think these election results demonstratebly moved to the right. the republican party has move to the right. >> we have more freedom than we've ever had as a country. you go back to the 60s and there are all kinds of things that would be illegal or you couldn't do in the 60s that
6:38 am
you have the freedom to do today not to mention how much more freedom you can participate in if you're well, if you have healthcare. it's ridiculousness. >> stephanie: anthony on the slide. >> sound byte: "time" magazine has announced the people who have been nominated for person of the year. one of them was sandra fluke, yes. i think that breitbart sums it up very well. "time" makes her person of the year. and in the time of independent voter they might be right. what a terrible person to elevate, a woman who said i need the government. i need help. i can't afford my own birth control. >> stephanie: it's amazing that they keep misconstruing someone testifying how a friend of hers needs birth control for endomitriosis. >> that's a liberal made up
6:39 am
disease. >> there are a few things that are obvious. what sandra fluke is fighting for. the second, yet again taking precisely what mitt romney said about the 47% and about why he lost the election, and the entire right wing pretends mitt romney is crazy. we don't believe that, and here they are articulating that very point. >> stephanie: how many ways can they put into in the word. you lost women voters by how much? >> and they're getting ready not to have any women committee chairs. >> yes all old white man. >> stephanie: rush limbaugh. >> sound byte: there are only two things that can get votes for the republicans. one, men marrying these women so they're no longer single. and so that their lives provide what they want. if they stay single, they're
6:40 am
going to turn to government to provide what they want. and then the republicans are going to figure out that in order to get the votes of those people they're going to do what they want, which is democrats have already laid claim to. >> yes stephanie. you're sucking off the government teet. >> stephanie: right. >> didn't it sound like rush was on the market again? >> cenk: what's >> stephanie: what's going on, trouble in paradise. >> stephanie: some of the single women with jobs. not everyone is on government assistance. i know it's crazy. >> those that are, a lot of them are there not by choice. >> exactly. they don't want to be there. >> stephanie: would anyone like some of my government cheese for breakfast. >> i think cory booker should challenge rush limbaugh to go on food stamps.
6:41 am
>> cory booker is going on food stamps for a month. >> he has to live on $32 a week. >> he won't have the strength to rescue people from burning buildings any more. i think he should reconsider. >> when you only have 32% to spend on food, you buy the cheapest stuff, which is crap if. >> i don't know how rush could survive on that. >> where is my caviar. >> stephanie: i would miss his girlish figure. i was just reading about this. he's at it again. the very very reverend rick warren. >> sound byte: it wouldn't bother me if there was quote here's what we know about life. i have all kinds of natural feelings in my life and it doesn't necessarily mean that i should act on every feeling. sometimes i get angry and i feel like punching a guy in the nose. it doesn't mean i act on it. sometimes as you pointed out
6:42 am
sometimes i fell attracted to women who are not my wife. i don't act on them. just because i have a feeling doesn't make it right. not everything natural is good for me. arsenic-- >> stephanie: so let's just-- >> arsenic is. >> stephanie: being gay like punching a guy in the nose or consumer arsenic. >> it is kind of like punching a guy in the nose because i have a natural feeling to do that to rick warner. although it sounded like he was trying to cover something up. >> stephanie: can they stop comparing gay to things that are not like being gay. >> the right wing movement, and yes it is, busters listen up. they lay so much gay bait that you would think they run a wine and cheese shop. they can no longer go out there and punch us in the face. they can't gay bash us and use the words that they want to use so they have to compare us to
6:43 am
other things that don't seem as threatening. it used to be alcohol and drug addicts. now it's natural human instincts like wanting to punch somebody apparently. >> stephanie: this week he similarly defended his anti-gay position by claiming he can be tolerant and accepting without being approving. can i tell you how much i hate that language. i don't care to be tolerated by anybody. i'm not asking you to tolerate me. and then in one breath he'll say that. you can be loving and tolerant and accepting. four years ago he defended prop 8 by claiming same sex marriage is equivalent to incest, pedophilia and polygamy. >> and then he said, well, i didn't mean that to be public. >> well, that makes it so much better. >> that makes it worse. that's like the guy saying
6:44 am
racist things who says he is not a racist. >> stephanie: he's comparing to punching a buy guy in the nose, incest and pedophilia and polygamy. >> but i tolerate it. >> i don't want to take a page out of his book, but i'll compare him to other televised preachers, jim bakker. >> stephanie: talking about his anti-a.i.d.s. work in africa. a.i.d.s. is not a gay disease. >> no. >> stephanie: but he has ties to anti-gay leaders who opposed using condoms to prevent the spread of-- >> yes um, hundred. >> sound byte: a lot of people for whatever reason will look at
6:45 am
this interview and say gretchen carlson are so nuts because they think there is this made up war on christmas. we're not nuts. there is a war on christmas. >> oh, my god really? we're back to that. >> stephanie: that is so moldy. it's like people take it every year out of the addict. again the war on christmas. >> like the drone strike on christmas. >> you know some people have the advent calendar? they have the invent calendar. >> stephanie: chip in at the buzzer by karl frisch right back on "the stephanie miller show"." >> sound byte: that was strangely arousing. >> announcer: it's the stephanie miller show. out for us.
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going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: mm-hmm, it is "the stephanie miller show" at this hour brought to you by gotomeeting. the powerful way to meet online with your team. now you can present from your ipad. oh, my god. try it for 30 days, go to and put try it free for 30 days. promo code stephanie. rick warren was on. beau know who else was on, jim
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reince priebus. >> reince priebus! >> stephanie: asked about his it, rinse pre-busreince priebus about it, in order to get back in the game you got to go and look and do a full you autopsy of what happened. well, you were in charge, a. b, mitt romney was your nominee. >> and c when you say autopsy to the republican party, it's witchcraft. >> stephanie: he also said the g.o.p. need to come up with a four year plan to get back on track. so he's on it. here's the four year plan as president obama will be the president for the next four years and you will continue to oblige. >> and demographics will get worse and worse. >> stephanie: and you'll prepare for your next defeat. >> and you'll continue to tell people of color that you'll fix
6:52 am
the problem that you have in your own problem by finding someone who looks like them. >> stephanie: when asked in hindsight was it a mistake to choose romney as nominee. he said romney made a great candidate and the polls show that. [ whining ] >> stephanie: it would be so great. we're going in a different direction. you were terrific. we're going in a direction that is clearly not you. someone entirely different. >> you're more of a dave president. we're looking more of a west west wing president. >> stephanie: don, good morning. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: i love you all. you make my day. i love you're approach to this heinous situation we're facing here. let me say--my question, my
6:53 am
first question is do you really think that the republicans aren't aware of what's happening? what happened with this last election, or is it that they just don't care? >> well, i think they think they can lie their way through it. >> stephanie: they're in the denial stage. >> caller: so you're saying they don't care and they're willing to lie-- >> i think they're lying to themselves. >> in order for them to change they need to hurt now. that means shunting off 30% of their base vote. if they do that, they're going to hurt for a while. if they don't they're going to hurt for the foreseeable future. what you see are right wing republicans who are failing to acknowledge what happened in november and it's just a power play. they've still got that-- >> there is a difference that they're failing to acknowledge and not understanding. i've been studying behavioral psychology for the last two
6:54 am
decades trying to understand our species' ridiculous behavior, including my own and have observed a growing seeming pathological disregard for the rights of the less and affluent. in combination with some really dumb and utterly dishonest crap that like the stuff that fox news has the audacity to broadcast. >> if you were on fox, they would cut you right now. >> caller: i bet they were. they're a bunch of thugs and i would love a face-to-face interview with bill o'reilly. >> stephanie: oh dear. >> all right, all right and then i want some ice tea. >> see how he's controlling his natural inclination to want to purge somebody. >> stephanie: exactly. >> therefore, i want more iced tea. >> have you heard that a lot?
6:55 am
>> stephanie: studying behavioral psychology, they're in the denial stage. >> there is a book called "the republican brain" by chris moody and it talks about what happens when republicans have their back up against the wall. they have an instinct to become more rigid and not change. >> stephanie: like this op-ed really mitt romney won. he won the moral victory because he won the right kind of voters. you shake your head sadly no, you're in denial. he lost badly. >> stephanie: karla in georgia you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: i'm so grateful for your show, mama, and the boys. i watch you every day. i have a statement and then a question i really need answered. the statement is i need the g.o.p. we all need the g.o.p. to stop. we're tired of the lying and we're tired of hearing nothing.
6:56 am
we definitely need to spend tax money on the g.o.p. bill i heard someone say a rubber room. >> stephanie: that's a padded room. >> caller: let's go for the whole hospital. there's too many for one room. >> stephanie: what's your question. >> caller: my question is i would like to know if there is a legal way to stop them from lying? why aren't they prosecuted? we can't lie under oath, why can our politicians. >> stephanie: karla, you are so sweet. so quaint and adorable. >> if they were under oath. >> someone should pass a law. >> stephanie: can we stop republicans from lying. that is precious. >> just remember when you see their lips move, you know they're lying. >> they're politicians for god god's sake. by letting the bush tax cuts expire they get trillions of revenue while preserveing tax cuts for the 98%. how can you be except that?
6:57 am
>> stephanie: it's so wear to see a moment of naivete from jim. close the door. >> close the door, wow. >> stephanie: karl, before we go, what is your take on this susan rice thing susan collins now expressing that she's also troubled. >> i'm very troubled. >> stephanie: here's what i don't get, wouldn't he be nominated for secretary of defense any way? >> there's been speculation that he would go up for either one of them. i think he would be perfectly godgood at either one of them, but it all comes down to them not liking susan rice and wanting to blame her for things that happened in the 90s too. >> stephanie: she was also responsible for the coal bomb,. >> we need help with women let's go after one. >> stephanie: yes, exactly. karl frisch, you are delightful.
6:58 am
i love you. come back. >> any time. >> stephanie: right back on "the stephanie miller show"." governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: i'm sorry. i was too busy french kissing karl frisch goodbye. they believe jacki schechner. >> that got me thinking. if you were a smurf what kind of smurf would you be? >> stephanie: another question for the ages. >> i would be hefty smurf. >> and in heavy. >> no, hefty, the one who lifted weights. >> stephanie: was he called
6:59 am
steroid smurf i did. >> say muscly or big smurf. >> stephanie: all right, jacki schechner what time is the lunch, do we know? >> 12:30 eastern. >> stephanie: i just can't wait. >> yeah, no. >> stephanie: private, no reporters. >> no reporters. actually i'm hoping the president leans over and says, did you bring your taxes. >> stephanie: give me a peek just a peek. jacki schechner with a peek at the news in the news center. >> good morning. administration officials are heading to the hill to chat with congressional leaders to chat about what else, the fiscal cliff. tim geithner and rob nabors are said to meet straightly with boehner, and pelosi. they're discussing moving too oh slowly on the negotiations but the president is playing a very smart and necessary public relations game. he has been meeting with stakeholders and so he has negotiating power for what the
7:00 am
public wants which is to let the taxes go up on the top 2% and protecting the middle class. politico seems to think that we're closer to a deal an statements would indicate. it thinks we'll get a tax hike shy of $1.2 trillion and then a cut to social programs by no less than $400 million. that in my opinion would be be a big mistake. more and more are breaking away from the grover norquist tax pledge. it's like they're all suddenly discovering this pledge is not actually legally binding in any way. other republican members of congress coming forward gibson who signed the fledge last year. tom cole has been taking heat from john boehner who said that
7:01 am
republicans should let the tax cuts expire on the top earners saying why don't we do the right thing and then continue talking. right back, stay with us. right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
7:02 am
7:03 am
>>i jump out of my skin at
7:04 am
people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: mm-hmm, it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 1-800-steph-12 is the phone number toll-free. paul tonko coming up. check it out.
7:05 am
oh, what's tomorrow, friday? >> yes. >> stephanie: we're going to have very, very huge sexy liberal news. >> huge, huge. >> are we? >> stephanie: yes, we have plans for 2013, and the first announcement is coming up tomorrow. and isn't the official rapper of "the stephanie miller show" macaroni. ♪ hey, wake up ♪ it's almost time ♪ for "the stephanie miller show"" ♪ i wake up ♪ in the morning ♪ i turn on ♪ stephanie ♪ before i even ♪ brush my teeth ♪ on current tv ♪ stephanie ♪ she every day ♪ i'm addicted ♪ to the truth ♪ addicted to the truth ♪ ever since i was a youth ♪ stephanie miller ♪ sexy liberal ♪ anybody can be ♪ if you're down ♪ with instead of, jim ♪ chris and jacki ♪ not like fox news ♪ they keep it classy
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♪ she will make you smile ♪ when you're feeling ♪ crappy ♪ sexy liberal ♪ she's on tour ♪ sexy liberal rolls ♪ can we have ♪ an encore ♪ sexy liberal ♪ conservative policies ♪ they are not ♪ they are not right ♪ so we can go left ♪ mama ♪ we got our backs ♪ when we protest ♪ it's like that, mama ♪ we got your back mama ♪ your sexy liberal ♪ if anybody could ♪ sexy liberal ♪ mama ♪ sexy liberal ♪ anybody could ♪ >> stephanie: thank you. i never heard anyone rhyme clapy
7:07 am
with nappy. >> or farts with pop tarts. love you macaroni. >> stephanie: thank you baby. [applause] >> pop tarts now a macaroni flavor. >> stephanie: oh look, it's a complaint letter. yesterday we had the right wing call who are did not enjoy our kindergarten brand of comedy. >> you just make sounds. >> stephanie: we agreed it is kindergarten comedy, but it's funny. michael wrote i'm write to go admonish you for your use of comedy. and especially when it employs irony, which i find thoroughly confusing, like lesbian. will someone please think about the children. >> state it in strongest possible terms. >> stephanie: that's our favorite to who it may concern.
7:08 am
we don't give a--bleep. thanks for sending it, but we don't care. stephen from chicago writes, steph, the great thing about jim's worldless rush limbaugh imitation is that it makes much more sense than the stuff that rush actually saves. [ mumbling ] >> sound byte: ba, ba,. >> stephanie: that's brett hume, making fun of brett human like that.. [ mumbling ] >> stephanie: awful. when is he going to do a fart joke. [ farting sounds ] >> stephanie: barb writes, steph, a lot of people talking about john mccain saying that susan rice is not very smart. yeah stanford rhodes scholar.
7:09 am
mccain finished bottom fifth in his class. how does he get to call susan rice not smart? i think he owes the taxpayers for the plane he lost and the five he lost during training. yeah. >> yikes. >> stephanie: you know he's the one who said his nickname was mcnasty. it's because he's getting old and bitter? no he's always been mean and nasty. >> his nickname should have been crash. lost five planes in training and he brought on sarah palin. >> stephanie: there is that his version of fart. democratsered areled to fight for rights, and democratic senate aide said people are happy to fight for her. this is getting people's back up
7:10 am
up. this is ridiculous. she's obviously qualified. karl frisch was saying before the break, susan rice, they're saying this is a blow. she's expressing some concerns that she's a moderate. that was not a stretch that she blamed her for the 1990 bombing embassy in kenya when she was in the clinton administration. she said she could not back a nomination until more questions were answered in bengahzi. >> i think she had something to do with the hindenburg and the lindbergh baby. >> stephanie: did they ask her where the lindbergh baby was? >> i think she put the lindbergh baby on the hindenburg. >> of course that was ten years later. >> stephanie: right, you see now that raises more questions. >> the lindbergh baby was no longer a baby ten years later.
7:11 am
>> stephanie: the lindberg toddler. that's what she-- >> that's more than a toddler. >> put the hindenburg baby on-- >> that would be a tween. close the door. >> stephanie: yes, so susan collins said i would need more additional information before i could support her nomination. >> in the meantime, john kerry john kerry we love john kerry. >> stephanie: why not john kerry kerry? okay president obama. >> obama: susan rice is extraordinary. i couldn't be prouder of the job that she has done. >> he said that with the cabinet surrounding him. that's who is applauding. >> stephanie: adam schiff called the criticism a transparent attempt to deny obama the potential cabinet choice. i'm going to come looking--oh
7:12 am
1998 so i'm going back? so right, she was assistant secretary of state for african affairs in the clinton administration. collins she had she pressed rice about the security of the embassy of nairobi in 1998. rice told her she was not involved directly involving the request for security. the review board at that time did not find reasonable cause that any u.s. employee was involved with the bombing. >> the chat room is bombing her for everything. susan rice didn't put the candle back. susan rice is luke's father. susan rice's husband always leaves the seat up. susan rice built the iceberg to take down the titanic. >> she built the rice-berg. >> our chat room is funny.
7:13 am
>> stephanie: senator bob corker. >> sound byte: we want someone who is independent. i would just ask the president to step back for a moment and realize that amen all of us here hold the secretary of state to a very different standard than most cabinet members. >> stephanie: you know the last thing that larry hagman said before he died? susan rice shot j.r. >> too soon. >> stephanie: it's from the 80s the actual who shot j.r. >> he just died. he died a couple of days ago. >> stephanie: it was a fictional tragedy. that mistress thing was just the cover up. >> i didn't watch "dallas" at that time. i apologize. >> who did shoot j.r. do we know? >> stephanie: kristin. don't you get my jokes? kristin, the jealous mistress. okay susan colin collins.
7:14 am
>> sound byte: i continue to be troubled by the fact that they decide to play what was essentially a political role at the height of a contentious presidential campaign. >> stephanie: wow, okay. really? she was asked to just update the american people on the intelligence that they had at the time. >> they asked a question and she answered it. that's so political. >> stephanie: wow, wow. by the way jim that news be must be the talking point that mccain and graham are giving everyone. [ magic wand music ] >> very troubling trouble in trouble town. >> stephanie: dave in long beach on this very same subject. hi dave. >> caller: i have to take you off speaker. >> stephanie: what's that? oh, thank you, thank you. >> caller: yes sure.
7:15 am
the sue collins the moderate who is troubled. [ magic wand music ] >> stephanie: she's very troubled. >> during the bush years that the they would be investigating something heinous and they're deep in the investigation there was this rotation of moderate republican senators who amid all of these--the right wing colleagues there was one on the particular committee who was like who winked at the democrats and said, i under i'm troubled myself. lindsey graham was one of them to a "t." and it's documented on the web. but what it was was this dog and pony show. and sue sin susan collins was part of it and by backing off the supposed help would never come. >> stephanie: lindsey graham is always in trouble. he's so--he has nearly dropped
7:16 am
his mint jul. >> sound byte: p. >> i'll be on the veranda with my mint julip. >> sound byte: get those puppies puppies. >> stephanie: he'll always have tara. that's the important thing. >> god as my witness i'll never go hungry again. >> we're very troubled. >> stephanie: very troubled. troubled about our behavior. we're troubled about our state of minds. we are not qualified-- >> i blame myself for the cold. that's how troubled i am. >> stephanie: thank you, jim for taking responsibility for something. he took responsibility for something yesterday. thank god you stepped forward and an man. >> you stepped forward on the plate. >> i punched a hole with my bare
7:17 am
hands, and i'm very troubled about it. it. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: i'm sorry, are you troubled again? you know what would make it better jim? >> what. >> stephanie: soda stream. segue all rise. soda stream is just fun. we've had a bad week. whew i was making a lot of drinks last night. no soda stream is the best way to make soda. some of our listeners do enjoy adult beverages made with soda stream. it's the ultimate holiday gift. people love getting the soda stream. it transforms water into fresh fizzy soda in just second. no lugging storing disposing of bottles and cans. >> bottles and cans, clap your hand. >> stephanie: you could shop at the baby gap for shoes the footprint is so small now.
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buy one to save my sanity. right back on "the stephanie miller show"." >> announcer: that happened and we all let it happen. "the stephanie miller show."
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: yes, it is "the stephanie miller show." you know, there aren't many people who get the gifts that i get, the goldwater sticker and the bill clinton cork screw.
7:23 am
>> who better to pop your cork. >> where does it come out of no it says warning it could create penal envy. cork screw bill. the new action hero for wine drinkers. >> the cork screw comes out of that area on him. >> stephanie: he said happy birthday. my birthday is in september. he's a little behind on the birthday wish. thank you. fabulous gift. this is bruce in maine with the goldwater miller sticker found in an antique store. i don't think it's that old but who would reproduce it. someone who wants me and nancy goldwater to run again. it's a new gold water and miller
7:24 am
sticker. i'll give that to my mom for her 90s birthday, which is coming up. she'll enjoy that so much particularly the bill corkscrew. stan you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi stan. >> caller: hi, how is it going. >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: i own a 400-square-foot real restaurant. the thing that confuses me when representative boner yesterday way sassing how these tax increases is going to going to effect us. that could be anywhere from not being true because myself and other small business owners if we made $250,000, i would be so happy. people who have 20 to 25 people, llcs, the owners are pretty much mostly millionaires, and what i see in this town is instead of them taking less money and helping their
7:25 am
employees, it's the opposite. they're laying people off. they don't have money for parties. they say it's not in our budget, and i want to know why you know, for example the represent is not accountable for anybody. it's not by the people for the people. it's their agenda to keep the wealthy wealthy so they have this fear that their money is going to be taken away from them. >> stephanie: absolutely. isn't 400 square feet a small restaurant. >> i have a little shameless plug greek stand, 400 square feet. >> stephanie: that is cozy. that is romantic. >> caller: i'll even name a sandwich after you. >> stephanie: i love that. >> i love santa barbara. >> stephanie: go ahead. >> caller: hi, how are you. >> stephanie: good, go ahead. >> caller: i think the republicans need to get their message together here. i'll explain why. on right-wing world you played
7:26 am
that clip from rush limbaugh talking about how women under 30 we need to marry them off so they're not dependent on the government. didn't they write a horrible oh-ed for fox saying we're emasculating the men because we're too successful? which is it. >> stephanie: they can't even get their anti-feminist stories straight. we have to go to jacki for her explanation, susan banker. she said, i really didn't think that through. all right, we'll see if we can talk to jacki next on "the stephanie miller show." in hollywood. now he not only has to shore up >> sound byte: well, i guess that makes our naughty parts tingle. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ]
7:27 am
i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> sound byte: this will never work. but when you're doing it. >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> sound byte: you can't help but smile. >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 toll-free from anywhere. the fox war on men piece, and the fabulous you're not helping segment on good morning, jacki schechner. >> good morning.
7:32 am
>> stephanie: i think in reaction of your piece taking her to task, she tried to clear this up. >> i was one of a handful of women who were outraged. >> stephanie: author of a fox news indictmented the war on men now says the outrage of the editorial is all a misunderstanding. here is something to look forward to, perhaps a christmas gift. the essay is based on the upcoming book. she'll have a forthcoming book on this whole topic. >> do you think she'll give me a signed copy. >> stephanie: i'm sure she'll ask ask you to blurb it. shown said when is the hold down the seat women's fault in the face of withering backlash. she said she didn't mean to write about women and men and that husband and wife would be better. >> here is this about that. >> stephanie: jacki schechner with this about that.
7:33 am
>> the entire premise women were complaining there is not enough marriageable men. if she meant to say husband and wife why would she talk about that with women who are looking for someone to marry. if you're a writer and you can't get your point across in an essay, maybe you should not be a writer into maybe it's not your thing. >> it's not your for forte but she was very clear. >> stephanie: all i can say in my defense is it can be hard when you've written as much as i've written, articles, three books, block. you think you have written something, and i think i'm clear at it. i didn't think that much about
7:34 am
it. >> yikes she's a writer? >> she shouldn't be a writer. >> stephanie: we're helpers. i said to orly tate, after losing a billion lawsuit about birtherrism, maybe it's not your thing. i wonder what that thanksgiving was like, jacki. >> yes, apple, tree, short. >> stephanie: i don't get it. i love the fact that she said quantity amidst the quality when you write as much as i do. >> like writing makes you better better. >> and town hall things like that, they just go for quantity. lots and lots of words. and they will eat it up whether it's good or not. >> i love how people say they are misunderstood. really? i don't think there was anything questionable. it's obvious where you're coming from. >> stephanie: write something
7:35 am
hard. >> you meant to say husband and wife, but i was forced, my hand forced me to write other word. >> stephanie: can i have my dating game music. let's meet some republicans marriageable men for you. >> good, i need a date this weekend. >> stephanie: let's meet the radical republicans chairing the committees, a full slate of white men. >> i think they vary in hair color, does that count? different shades of gray. >> 50 shades of white. >> stephanie: white and whiter people. boner has announced the new house committee leaders. smith, like his predecessor he's a climate change skeptic okay. just making jacki hot. >> i don't know, that's a good
7:36 am
prospect. what else you got for me. >> stephanie: thanks for asking. henserling unsurprisingly, jacki, he wants to take down dodd-frank legislation. >> and he'll be the guy who asks me to pay half the check. who else. >> stephanie: ed royce. >> this is a local guy. this has potential. >> stephanie: looking promising. he told an anti-muslim rally that multi culturism has paralyzeed our society to make decisions. there are too many colors. >> maybe that's why the republicans lost. >> stephanie: he appears as one of the phobic and sent mailers
7:37 am
accusing his opponent of being chinese communist. >> i like all sorts of different ethnic cuisine and activities. >> he didn't go for the indian food. >> no, he's going to make me order a papa john's pizza. >> although pizza might be too ethnic for him. >> no papa john's. it's as american as they come. >> ketchup on a cracker. >> right. >> stephanie: michael mcauliffe celebrated show me your papers and compared obama to king george iii. >> not getting excited about
7:38 am
that. >> stephanie: we have bob good goodlate. >> who doesn't want to be mrs. goodlake. i thought you said lake. >> stephanie: calling the treatment act ripe for fraud. he believes that social security medicare unconstitutional and the federal minimum wage law also. >> that's not a good slate of marriage material. >> stephanie: i think you failed there stephanie. >> stephanie: maybe suzanne becker is right maybe it's all our fault. jacki schechner thanks for coming. >> i'm trying. >> stephanie: we love. >> you i love you guys, too. >> woogie, she really is, you can't see her in person and not woogie her. >> oh, my god wow. >> stephanie: amy in illinois, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi amy. >> caller: can you imagine being the gay child of michelle and
7:39 am
marcus bachmann. >> stephanie: oh dear. >> caller: they would probably be we love you, we really love you, but you have to be fixed. >> stephanie: marcus would be constantly telling them, man up, mister. >> caller: andrea tantera said about sandra fluke yeah, at least sandra fluke does not dress like a skank and a whore. those girls dress like prostitutes. and to say they're christian is just disgusting. >> stephanie: we'll take no further questions. news butler. i did not say you dress like a skank and a whore however-- >> having said that. >> stephanie: i'm just going to say katrina vandehoon and i--and they did have thigh high boots, and katrina is should we have
7:40 am
dressed differently? what? we were dressed like pundits and they were dressed like-- >> some kind of thing j. >> oh dear, really? >> stephanie: i mean katrina and i could have partied it up. we didn't know. we came to talk politics. we didn't get the memo. james in georgia, you're on "the stephanie miller show," hi, james. >> caller: i'm still laughing from the previous comment. >> stephanie: you know i can tart it up. >> caller: about journalists. first i want to say i love your show. it's hilarious and informative. that's one up on fox news. i wondered if you heard what governor norquist said. >> stephanie: i can't keep track of every day. what did he say? >> caller: i don't know, they said some egregious things about the president but this is really over the board when he said congress should keep president obama on a short leash--
7:41 am
>> stephanie: he did not really? >> caller: he did. if he's good we should allow the debt ceiling be raised weekly. if he's bad we should make him wait molly. >> stephanie: you have to google that to mama. really? keep the president on a short leash, wow. let's--whew, that winded me, jim. cindy in michigan. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi stephanie. >> caller: cindy. >> caller: this point of view only works if you completely forget the crash of '08. the middle class and those at the bottom already took our haircut that was taken by those at the top with no increase for 15 years in the minimum wage. no reform going into that recession in the late 2007-2008 and then private and public
7:42 am
pensions and 401ks dropped half their worth in one quarter before obama even got into office. so you know, we've had our property taxes increased our state fees increased and that's mostly to make up for the lost revenue of those mortgages that crashed. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: when we take their tax cuts, and you know our tax cut or tax increase, i'm sorry will be about $2,000, that's going to completely dig in to the way we live our life. >> stephanie: yep, you're right. >> caller: it doesn't dig into their lifestyle at all when you increase it by what, 3%? >> stephanie: yes, exactly. >> caller: it's nutty. it's delusional. is really is. >> stephanie: who thinks people had it bad during the clinton years. you know what, i'm going to open a bottle of wine tonight with my bill clinton cork screw and think about the times of peace and prosperity. [ magic wand music ] >> you did find it on the google
7:43 am
machine. >> sound byte: they can have him on a rather short leash or here is your allowance come back next month if you behave. >> you're proposing that the debt ceiling be increaseed monthly. >> sound byte: molly ifmonthly monthly if he's good. >> stephanie: that's governor norquist saying we should keep the president on a short leash and give him an allowance if he's good. >> why is anybody listening to him. >> stephanie: does that strike anybody at racist? wow, that's when i was hit in in the stomach with the battle ball in fifth grade. >> that's an every day occurrence for me. fat kid. i couldn't move fast. >> stephanie: oh, boo boo. 45 minutes after the hour. we'll be right back on "the stephanie miller show"." >> announcer: you can't turn her off, not after you've turned her
7:44 am
on. it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show," welcome to it. 51 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll-free. is it me or is susan collins starting to sound like katherine hepburn. it just gives me an opportunity. susan rice is troubling.
7:49 am
okay. let's go to kelly. we're so troubled, jim. we're troubled by this. [ mystic music ] >> didn't you you to say that she is sound like esmerelda on "be witched." >> stephanie: you're right. kelly, she's going to make this thing disappear. kelly. >> caller: i'm calling from the only county in virginia that is not totally red. we're a lovely lavender. i was listening to you in the first hour, and you were talking about rick warren, and his speel speel.about having
7:50 am
natural feelings and you shouldn't act on them. that made me see the light. i have a natural feeling to feed the hungry. >> that makes me want to put arsenic in my hand and punk you punch you in the nose. >> caller: i have a big poofster who lives on the top of the mountain in west virginia who throws out my judgment on everybody, and they're finally starting to tolerate me. >> stephanie: he's funny. [applause] thatcould the bionic woman could she hear when esmerelda did magic. >> wow 60s and 70s tv show. >> people on current.
7:51 am
>> stephanie: they know i set this up. >> do you want this first. >> stephanie: i wrote out bionic and twinkle. if the bionic woman could hear when esmerelda created magic. which is first the ear or the nose. >> wow. >> stephanie: you're just over there. >> you're watching conspiracy theory videos. >> stephanie: that's why it struck him so funny because he didn't see that, and didn't see it coming. you don't listen to what i say do you jim. >> what, sorry? >> stephanie: david in milwaukee. you're on "the stephanie miller show." welcome, dave. >> caller: hi, stephanie how are you? >> stephanie: good. >> caller: this tax cut the president wants is not for 98%. it's for 100%. you only pay an additional 3% on
7:52 am
anything over $250,000. >> stephanie: that's right. >> let's say you're lucky enough to make $260,000 you're only paying 3% on $10,000, that's $300. who wouldn't trade $10,000 for $300. >> stephanie: you're the smartest in in the class today. there is so much fear mongering job creators, small business, oh back when clinton was--okay, you mean like that? okay. >> plenty of jobs. >> stephanie: $300? okay, all right. carol in pennsylvania. you're on "the stephanie miller show," hi carol. >> caller: you guys are great. thank god for you. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: any how, what i would like to comment on is jerrymandering, and this is why boehner's bunch doesn't have to answer to anybody and they can go on for centuries because the elections are rigged for the districts.
7:53 am
>> stephanie: that's the lie they're repeating now. the overwhelming vote for the republicans. no, a million more people voted for the house over the republicans. there is no mandate. as karl frisch said in hour one nothing bad happened on election day. it was a resounding victory for the president and democrats. >> democrats picked up seats in the house and in the senate. >> stephanie: hello. doug in st. louis. hello, doug. >> caller: hello, i have a question for you. maybe you can help me out. i love your show. >> stephanie: mm-hmm. >> caller: come to to the pageant plea please. john kerry when it came to the election i thought he was one of the biggest snafus who didn't do anything that he answered for. it seems a little bi-polar.
7:54 am
>> stephanie: yes, it does. i'm taking away the smartest boy in class from you and giving it to him. do you remember when he ran for president and he was a french-gay flip flopping windsurfing coward. and now back to john kerry. we always loved john kerry. >> susan rice, not susan collins collins. >> stephanie: i couldn't hear you with my bionic ear because i was-- >> your bionic hair was in the way. >> stephanie: exactly. >> her hair was made of asbestos. >> stephanie: she count hear. >> she could hear from miles away but not through hair. >> stephanie: welcome. >> caller: thank you hi, first time caller, big fan love your show. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: i'm from the reddest of red states. it's tough being a democrat in texas. >> stephanie: are you in the protected dome of austin or no.
7:55 am
>> caller: no, no. >> there are some awesome democrats that have come out of texas. ann richards, molly ivans. >> caller: yes i'm in a teeny commute of fairview, and romney signs everywhere this election season. a few obama-biden, i was grateful for that. >> stephanie: 30 second. >> caller: i have the corresponding hillary clinton nutcracker to the women cork screw. do you want the hillary clinton nutcracker. >> stephanie: we have to have a bottle of wine together. >> wine and nuts. >> stephanie: 58 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ]
7:56 am
governor tomorrow night. she is awesome. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." ñ
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